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EP1328EC, Hawk Lapel Mic, w/Easy-Connect fits Harris M/A ...

Hawk Elite EP1328EC Long Tube Lapel Microphone with Easy-Connect for Harris M/A Com Radios JAGUAR P5300, P5400, P5500, P7300, XG-75 . The HAWK lapel microphone is quickly becoming an industry standard for law enforcement. It is lightweight, easy to conceal and best of all, the whole unit is essentially on one cable. Th

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Ear Phone Connection Hawk EP1328 EC Easy Connect Lapel Micro

Ear Phone Connection Hawk EP1328 EC Easy Connect Lapel Microphone. Finally, a reliable solution to radio connectivity. Easy-Connect features on target visual alignment that improves the ease of connection to the radio, reducing wear & tear on the connector.

Earphone Connection Hawk EC Lapel Microphone | Skaggs

#1 Seller! The traditional Hawk Lapel Microphone is lightweight, professional, and discreet. Bulky cords and cables sace safety and can weigh you down. The Hawk can be worn with body cameras and delivers reliable PTT communications when you need it most. Finally, a solution to radio connectivity! The Hawk EC Lapel Microphone delivers the Easy-Connect system with Guide Arrowsfor many radio ...

Hawk EC Lapel Microphone Replacement - EarPhone Connection

Save money and replace the Hawk EC Lapel Microphone Replacement portion only. Does not include EC or QR adapter. (Part# EP1305EC or EP1305QR) ... The Hawk EC microphone replacement includes the microphone, earpiece and Fin Ultra ear tip. ... EAR PHONE CONNECTION. 25139 Avenue Stanford Valencia, CA 91355 Tel: 1-888-372-1888 ...

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Hawk M1 Tubeless Lapel Microphone - EarPhone Connection

Oct 05, 2018· The Hawk M1 features the Micro Sound Tubeless Earpiece for unobstructed sound and no tube maintenance. The new "Easy-Swivel" speaker rotates 180˚ for left or right side.New "Simple-Release" makes speaker replacements easy and you also have the option to switch between black and clear.The kit is concealable, lightweight and comes complete with patented Fin Ultra™ eartips for all …

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